Our team is focused on integrating building sciences with low carbon materiality at commercial and residential scales. Our experimental design process leans heavily on collaborative design integration throughout a project’s maturation.

Santa Fe, New Mexico | Masonville, Colorado

Andrew Michler, CPHD 970.217.2885

Andrew Michler has focused on high performance building design and materiality since 1993. He has written and researched extensively on new architecture and is the author of the book Hyperlocalization of Architecture released in 2015. He is co-founder Passive House Rocky Mountains, founding board member Passive House Network and was chair of Northern Colorado Renewable Energy Society. He completed the first International Certified Passive House in Colorado in 2016 which has won several awards and has been prominent in international design media. He has keynoted and presented globally on Passive House and contemporary architecture. He has also been profiled on PBS, NOVA, and NPR for his work in fire resilience in design.

Media and Publishing (Short list): Author [ours] Hyperlocalization of Architecture, 2015, published by Evolo Press, Inhabitat and eVolo, online architecture blogs, 2010-13

Certified Passive House Designer

Allan Pernot

Allan Pernot has recently graduated from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University with a masters degree in architecture. He has a background in residential construction, working as a contractor 2011-2014 and as an architectural model maker 2014-2017. He worked on small scale boutique and mixed use residential projects as well as mid size commercial design. During the 2019-2021 pandemic he volunteered as a carpenter for Habitat for Humanity’s Richmond VA chapter.

Cyrielle Lefebvre

Cyrielle Lefebvre is an experienced architect with a robust academic background and diverse expertise in sustainable architecture. After graduating with honors from the National School of Architecture Paris-Malaquais in 2010, she dedicated her career to learning about and implementing environmentally conscious building practices. Cyrielle has practiced architecture professionally in both Paris and Lyon, France for over 13 years, managing a wide variety of projects including office buildings, mixed use buildings, residential projects, and interior design.  In parallel with her professional experience, she has pursued ongoing education (earth architecture, fiber construction, recycling, retrofit, energy efficiency) and engaged in international volunteer projects in France, Nepal and Mexico.

John Fassler, CPHC

John Fassler has worked in residential construction as a framer and trim carpenter from 1984 to 1996 and as a general contractor from 1996 to 2007. In 2009 he collaborated with Fort Collins Utilities to design and implement their Home Efficiency audit program. He has worked with Fort Collins Utilities continuously since 2009 and has completed over 3,000 individual home energy assessments. He consults as a building performance trainer with Platte River Power Authority, and sits on the energy advisory board for the City of Fort Collins. Fassler’s extensive construction experience, energy modeling, and performing of energy assessments is ideally suited for quality assurance through the entire project scope.

Professional Certifications: Certified Passive House Consultant, BPI Building Analyst Professional, BPI Home Energy Score Rater, HERS Rater, Legacy LEED Consultant